The GIFT Diet

The Gift diet is a revolutionary method for regaining shape and wellbeing.


The Hotel Granduca is proud to be able to offer its clients dishes, proposed as part of the revolutionary GIFT diet.

This is a nutritional regime, which not only allows one to re-educate one’s own body to eat healthily, but also to lose weight in a gradual and balanced way, without foregoing the taste of good food !


Gradual – Varied – Flexible – Toning

This kind of diet works on your metabolism, allowing it to maintain muscle mass and to gradually eliminate fat and water retention, through the consumption of fresh foods, rich in fibre, such as pulses, greens, and wholemeal grains.

Plenty of space is given to culinary traditions and to simple, tasty foods, in order to make mealtimes a pleasant, welcome break.

The GIFT diet acts as a « signal », which invites the brain to prefer the correct ingredients, with which to activate our metabolism and make it become our best ally.


Why the GIFT Diet ?

Because it is about a dietary regime, which has nothing to do with low calorie diets, which only leave one depressed and unsatisfied.

It is about re-educating our approach towards food and to the discovery of wellbeing that simple dishes can give us, a world away from the hydrogenated fats, sweeteners and additives.


Pay us a visit to discover a new way of regaining your health and your waistline !